Monday, January 23, 2012

Rudy Faber

Rudy Faber

Rudy's artwork is amazingly diverse. This site is an awesome showcase of his ability not only an illustrator, painter but colourist and designer. He started his youthful adventure at age five drawing animals, creatures and dinosaurs. Around the age of ten, fueled by his addiction for ‘beat ‘em up’ video games such as ‘Street Fighter’ He started drawing bulky warriors and ninjas. It was then that he learned he liked to draw figurative drawings and character designs. In his early teenager years his interest for the human figure switched from drawing tough men to drawing women, and to this day this remains his main subject of choice in his personal work.
Check out this site , there's hours of images and the most creative themes. Be nice to own some of this mans work someday. Enjoy

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Solo Exhibition

Last year I had an realization. I lived in a home full of framed drawings, paintings and canvas'...everywhere!!! not on the walls but on the floors, all eagerly waiting their turn to be hung. And after moving into a smaller place, the study-slash-studio was starting to feel a little to crammed. So this is it !... I'm exhibiting nine drawings and seven paintings. All in their glory. Finally, they'll be excited to be hung and I'm just excited to be the artist.
Starting this Monday, January 23rd, at acclaimed Melbourne cafe Three Bags Full in Abbotsford.
The exhibition includes a selection of framed original micro drawings and some new large-scale raw canvas works.
So come get a piece of cake or a little piece of me to take home (cherries not included).
I also got a shout out on my favorite blog- INVURT