Monday, July 30, 2012

Secret Walls Australia

video - Secret Walls Round II
Secret Wars is the worlds premier live art battle. Originating from East London, UK, Secret Wars has spread word fast and is now sprouting up in different cities all around the globe. It is the Fight Club of the art world and it has now landed in Australia.
The rules are simple… artists have 90 minutes to paint their piece, Black on White, 2 Judges and a Crowd vote decide the winner. Go BIG or go home!
I battled the talented Conrad Bizjak a very cool guy with a very productive future ahead of him.
I will admit it was a close battle and the art gods were in my team that night so I took out the win.
Cheers to Conrad for being an all round top bloke. Check out more action and winning board at
Secret Walls

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